~♊Gemini Birthstones ♊~

~♊Gemini Birthstones ♊~

Gemini Gemstones

Gemstones for Gemini~   
Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is symbolized in Greek mythology by Castor and Pollux as twin brothers who possess dual qualities - adaptability, communicativeness and curiosity are hallmarks of Gemini people who belong to Air. Gemini is ruled by Mercury (messenger of gods), thus embodying its essence. In this article, we'll look at gemstones suitable for Geminis based on their zodiac sign characteristics, connection to Mercury and June energies - three characteristics associated with Gemini that we will examine here. From Aquamarine to Citrine, gemstones designed specifically to appeal to Gemini energy will find resonance. So let's dive in and discover which ones best represent us or your special Gemini in your life!

 Gemini people tend to have energetic, curious and charismatic natures with great intellectual prowess and quick wit which makes them excellent communicators. Our star signs do more than influence personality traits; gemstones also have deep links to celestial alignments.

Gemstones for Gemini go beyond simply birthstones; they also connect with its element, Air, and its ruling planet Mercury. Gemstones associated with Gemini serve to enhance positive traits while simultaneously alleviating any negative ones - they help bring out positive attributes while supporting overall energy of this sign. A variety of gemstones that resonate with Gemini's dynamic spirit, vibrant energy, enthusiastic nature and multiple aspects of personality can also be seen here. ​

You can click on the stone names below to find what we have available. 

Apatite  colors of blue, green, yellow, white, purple, and brown reinforce Geminis' motivation, courage and inspiration innate to their mercury influence. Furthermore, Apatite enhances their communication abilities - an attribute also present within Gemini natives themselves.
Aquamarine found in hues of blue, green and yellow, not only mirrors Geminis' airy and lightweight personalities, but it can also strengthen their courage, resolve, protection and compassion. Aquamarine's soothing energies help calm Geminis' restlessness and align them with inner peace.
Agate a versatile grounding stone found in various colors, helps Geminis increase concentration, confidence and security. It unifies their energy into one reliable force while giving them a solid platform from which they can operate effectively.
Citrine spectrum of yellow to deep orange and brown hues helps revitalize Gemini's energy, as well as bring good fortune and success that enhances their inspiring qualities inherent to their zodiac sign.
Chrysocolla peaceful blue, turquoise and green shades bring harmony to Geminis. Also known as the Stone of Communication, Chrysocolla helps strengthen this trait while adding joy.
Howlite  often found in white, green and blue hues, helps soothe restless Gemini natives by encouraging ambition, providing wisdom and increasing patience. It encourages Gemini natives' ambition and provides wisdom while improving patience levels in natives of Gemini.
Tiger’s Eye provides balance, protection, courage, energy and confidence to Geminis. Tourmaline comes in various hues to balance Gemini energy while soothing their fears; its presence also fosters confidence and inspiration among native Geminis.
Tourmaline Pink, red, yellow, green, blue, brown and black. 
Tourmaline is an exquisite gemstone that brings balance, protection, confidence and inspiration - qualities Gemini needs in their journey for growth and self-expression.
What gemstones best fit you or your Gemini?   

Gemstones for Geminis are the ideal complements to their characteristics, energy and ruling planet. If you are an innate Gemini or know one that could use some additional support on their journey towards self-expression, balance, and success consider giving one of these stones as gifts to give.

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