Get the hoot on Wisdom Body and Soul

In a complicated world filled with overwhelm and distraction, Wisdom Body and Soul is your guide to experience daily peace and serenity.

Our commitment to your total well-being is reflected in our carefully handcrafted products. 

Whether you choose our popular eye pillows packed with calming herbs, one of our semiprecious essential oil diffuser bracelets that empower you to control your mood throughout the day, or our charming "Wisdom Owl" soap, we are here to support and celebrate your wellness journey.

Let our mindful self-care products sooth your body and your soul and make every day the best day.   

I am Cassandra Wisdom, founder and designer at Wisdom Body and Soul. 

I am a mother of two, wife, desert dweller and I am knee deep in trying not to abandon my self-care.

I love working with my hands, designing jewelry, creating skincare and using only ingredients found in nature everywhere I can. Everything I handcraft has an emphasis on encouraging well-being and relaxation. 

My me time is important...and I show you how to add me time to your day

Finding time for myself has never been easy, but oh so much a necessity. I find that aromatherapy in all facets of life is a real game changer.

Take that moment to just be you

Wisdom Body and Soul is all about creating a sense of peace and support.  Handcrafted goods to help promote your wellbeing and relaxation.  

Specially designed goods to help you find joy, peace and inspiration in the various facets of your life.

We provide the means to help you along your journey with aromatherapy, semiprecious jewelry, eye pillows, soap, skincare, and massage tools.  Our hope is to assist you with the personal products that will help you find your me time.  

A little back story

My love of gemstones started at an early age and the world-famous Tucson Gem Show has always been something I loved visiting even in grade school. 

I have been in the business of gemstones since 2004 formally working for Laura Gibson Jewelry Designs from 2004-2016.  

 My lifelong passion for stones and an interest in essential oils with me wherever I go have merged to create one of my favorite creations: aromatherapy jewelry.   

Wisdom Body and Soul was born and I am here to help you relax and find time for you!