~♋Cancer Birthstones ♋~

~♋Cancer Birthstones ♋~

Cancer gemstones

♋~Gemstones for Cancer Sign~♋   
Many individuals are familiar with the traditional birthstones associated with each month, but why not look beyond? Our sun sign zodiac and celestial energies offer us another perspective when choosing gemstones - for those born under Cancer's sign this choice may prove particularly apt; not only because of astrology's longstanding history but also by their personalities, connection to water elements, or historical associations of birthstones with certain zodiac signs such as Cancerians themselves.
You can click on the stone names below to find what we have available. 

Carnelian  is a gemstone known for its deep shades of orange, red and brown that's associated with strength, creativity, motivation and grounding - qualities that Cancerians can benefit from. 

Chalcedony  Blue, white, pink, grey and red.  Occasionally dyed.
Chalcedony is an exquisite gemstone known to bring calm and harmony. As it fits perfectly with Cancers' nurturing, protective, and creative natures, Blue Chalcedony encourages them to cultivate these qualities further while opening up new channels of creative expression.
Opal  Black, red, white, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and brown.
Opals are stones with playful personality. Exhibiting many colors, they reflect Cancers' ever-evolving emotional landscape by sparking creativity, courage, protection, confidence and passion in them. Cancerians' sensitive souls can use Opal's energy to maintain emotional equilibrium.
Emerald  with their vibrant green hue, connect strongly with Cancer zodiac sign. Emeralds represent patience, love, balance and wisdom -- qualities essential to Cancers' core. An emerald can assist Cancerians by keeping their hearts open to love and affection while providing stability and wisdom.
Moonstone Can be found in white, rainbow, peach, grey, green and blue.
Moonstone should not be overlooked, since Cancer's ruling celestial body, the Moon, is closely connected with them. Moonstones provide comforting energy that promotes balance and acceptance - two essential characteristics in anyone born under an emotionally charged sign such as Cancer.
Pearl  - White, grey, pink, blue, black, iridescent, and frequently artificial colored.  
Pearl symbolizing purity, innocence and integrity, can help Cancerians find inner balance and serenity to alleviate negative emotions or traumas. Their timeless appeal as a multicolored staple provides comforting daily use.
Moss Agate Green, white, blue, yellow, red and brown.
Moss Agate should also make the list, for it's an earthy stone with deep connections to nature, growth, creativity and strength that perfectly captures Cancerians' nurturing nature and sense of caring and nurturing qualities. Furthermore, the stone symbolizes abundance and prosperity - characteristics sought and appreciated by every Cancerian.
Pink Tourmaline   well-known for its relaxing properties, can help promote self-love, inner peace, balanced emotions and relaxation - qualities particularly helpful when dealing with cancer's natural tendency towards emotional swings. Pink Tourmaline may help soothe heartbreak while soothing spirit distress.
Next time you are looking for jewelry or crystals to add to your collection, take into account the energies and characteristics associated with your zodiac sign - Cancer in particular - when selecting gemstones to add. Let your zodiac guide your search, and let the stars lead the way toward selecting an exquisite stone that complements both your style and resonates within yourself as an individual Cancer. There is an infinite array of choices and connections between stars and gemstones which will never cease to amaze and charm! 

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