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Scorpio Birthstones

Scorpios Birthday between October 23-November 21

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Scorpios are well-known for their intensity, passion, and deep emotions. Ruled by Pluto and water elements, these powerful individuals exhibit powerful traits. When selecting gemstones that resonate with Scorpios it's essential that they both highlight their strengths while also helping balance out their intense energy.

Instead of selecting traditional birthstones for Scorpios, why not explore gemstones tailored specifically to their astrological traits and characteristics? From Citrine to Moonstone - each stone was chosen specifically as it resonated with their sun sign Scorpio.

No matter your need - emotional healing, protection, balance or creativity - there is a gemstone perfect for you out there. Why not explore how celestial energies can enhance Scorpio energy? Click any of the gemstone names above to discover more about these powerful gems and discover how they may benefit you?
Understanding our cosmic connection can provide us with powerful insight into ourselves - such as personality traits, desires, behaviors and traits - while at the same time harnessing its energies through gemstones that resonate with our zodiac sign; in this instance Scorpio.

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto - known for its transformative energies - bestows upon Scorpios an intoxicating combination of depth of character, strength, and an irresistibly mysterious aura. Gemstones can help channel these intense energies towards healing, rejuvenation and achieving clarity for an enhanced life experience.

You can click on the stone names below to find what we have available. 



Citrine boasts striking hues that span from light yellow to deep orange and brown that echo the warmth and brightness of the sun's warmth and brightness. Citrine is known for its revitalizing powers that help restore energy balance within our bodies while inspiring creativity, encouraging luck and success in Scorpios' lives - it makes an excellent companion stone!


- Malachite with its mesmerizing colors of light and dark green, symbolizes the intense and transformative energies of Pluto. Malachite was believed to have strong protective and balancing properties throughout history; as such it can bring emotional healing, strength, protection, and balance - all qualities invaluable for Scorpios prone to strong emotions.


Garnet is another beautiful gemstone that perfectly compliments Scorpio energy, featuring vibrant hues that span from red and purple through green, orange, black and brown. Traditionally revered for its rejuvenating and protective energies that provide revival, protection love and commitment - qualities which perfectly echo Scorpio's passionate and loyal traits.


Turquoise with its varied shades of turquoise, green and blue. This breathtaking stone offers purification, balance, strength, creativity and calmness benefits for Scorpios who wish to harness their emotions more productively.


Moonstone can be found in white, rainbow, peach, grey, green and blue varieties and its energies provide comfort, balance, intuition and acceptance - qualities which Scorpios especially can use to access. Moonstone encourages emotional understanding while nurturing an intuitive side to them as well.


Lapis gemstone's rich and vivid blue tones with touches of golden hematite complement the powerful and magnetic personalities associated with Scorpios perfectly, providing harmony, calmness, balance, confidence and creativity alignment in this stone.


Green Tourmaline gemstone is known for highlighting Scorpio traits through its wide spectrum of green hues ranging from transparent, green and forest green hues. This stone can help bring out their best by strengthening their confidence, inspiration, compassion, patience and creativity.


- Topaz rainbow of colors--yellow, brown, blue, pink, green and clear--provides Scorpios with soothing, motivating, delightful, confident and loving energy that supports their virtues and life goals.

 Gemstones not only enhance the innate qualities of Scorpios but also provide much-needed healing and balance when managing intense emotions and inner worlds. By harnessing the powers of planets, elements, and energies governing this zodiac sign's power potentials; each stone offers distinct properties and vibrations that resonate with different aspects of a Scorpio's temperament or character allowing them to find an embodiment that suits their individuality best. With gemstones as guides Scorpios can explore further their beautiful and mysterious universe fostering success, love protection creativity as well as spiritual growth!
As Scorpios, we tend to gravitate towards deep energies that resonate with our own mysterious selves. The gemstones listed above not only look gorgeous but also hold powerful meanings and properties which reflect on us as individuals. No matter your objective - protection, inspiration, balance or creativity - every Scorpio is sure to find their own stone and embrace its energies in their journey of self-discovery and personal development. Connect with celestial energies and let these gemstones help guide your emotions and desires through life's obstacles. Trust in their power to bring strength, clarity, and transformation. Allow your inner Scorpio to shine with these powerful gems!

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