Sagittarius Gemstones

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Sagittarius Gemstones

Sagittarius Birthday between November 22- December 21

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Gemstones for Sagittarius~   

As we explore the mysterious world of birthstones, let us veer off from tradition and look towards the stars for guidance. Our zodiac and celestial energies that surround us provide immense inspiration - for those born under Sagittarius we have carefully selected gemstones that embody their characteristics as fiery and adventurous individuals.

Drawing inspiration from history, December, Jupiter's fire element, and the unique characteristics of Sagittarius we have selected gemstones which embody all these qualities and more to create an ideal selection for those born under this sign. From soothing and protective Amethyst to inspiring Labradorite each stone embodies qualities which resonate with those born under Sagittarius' sign.

No matter your energy goals - balance, confidence, creativity or emotional healing - our selection of gemstones offers something sure to match them all! So why rely on birthstones alone when there's so much more power to harness? Simply click any of the stone names above to explore our inventory of gems, and find what best matches your personal or family Sagittarius energy!
At first glance, our mysterious world may appear to have miraculous powers through birthstones, yet let's explore beyond traditional birthstones to unlock celestial-inspired gemstones - not only stunning and mesmerizing in themselves - but also connected with Sagittarius, fire element in Zodiac, constellations and zodiac Sun signs as sources for inspiration - this collection of gemstones will not only amaze but also complement Sagittarius traits with respect to Jupiter and December month!

You can click on the stone names below to find what we have available


Amethyst with shades ranging from light to deep purple hues, exudes protection, balance, and tranquility - three qualities highly valued by Sagittarians. Sagittarius beings have an unquenchable enthusiasm that sometimes overwhelms others; amethyst acts as a calming influence that complements Sagittarius' fiery temperament by acting as a counterbalancing influence that keeps things balanced and harmonious. Furthermore, amethysts properties of motivation and focus synergize well with Sagittarian's intrinsic needs for freedom and exploration.


Azurite an elegant dark blue stone with intermittent streaks of green malachite, resonates with the Throat Chakra to facilitate clear communication. Sagittarius appreciates Azurite's soothing properties for emotional support and intuition development - helping transform stress into insight about what lies ahead while creating peace within. This stone helps transform anxiety into understanding of bigger picture, providing relief for everyday stressors while creating peace.


Labradorite a grey to black stone with flashes of blue, yellow and sometimes purple iridescence is another excellent stone to encourage imagination while dispelling fears and negativity, providing strength to Sagittarians with their inherent need for adventure and discovery. The calm nature of Labradorite complements their desire for discovery perfectly!


Lapis an exquisite deep blue gemstone dotted with brilliant golden accents of hematite, can help bring balance, harmony, confidence and creativity to those with the Sagittarius sign. Its attributes of calmness and equilibrium help offset Sagittarius' fiery yet sometimes impulsive behavior for an efficient yet serenely dynamic equilibrium.


Malachite an invaluable emotional healing stone, comes in various shades of light and dark green. Sagittarians benefit greatly from having Malachite in their lives as it provides strength, balance, protection and helps purify and cleanse their energy field.


Sodalite gems offer Sagittarians peace-inducing properties, and represent hues of blue with veins of light blue and white that promote insight, self-confidence, calms the Sagittarian energy and brings them peace in their relentless quest for knowledge and truth.


Spinel offer a fascinating array of colors: from black to red, white, blue, purple, green, yellow and brown. This stone has long been associated with strengthening strength, rejuvenating vitality and instilling overall balance; making them the ideal complement to Sagittarian traits.


Turquoise with its captivating range of turquoise, green and blue colors. Sometimes these hues feature striking veins of brown, black or white; turquoise is well known for its purifying, balancing, strength building, creativity boosting and soothing properties; making this stone an indispensable accessory in the life of Sagittarians.

Sagittarius, one of the zodiac's twelve constellations, draws its inspiration from a vast universe filled with celestial energies. Gemstones' natural vibrations and symbolic meaning can resonate perfectly with these energies to ground us or sketch our ethereal selves - choose the gemstone that resonates best for yourself or a Sagittarian loved one to embrace the vibrant life force emanating from these celestial entities!
To conclude, when choosing gemstones for a Sagittarius it is crucial to take their astrological connections and individual attributes into account when making a selection. Looking beyond traditional birthstones can provide more meaningful options which make your selection truly bespoke and personal.

Amethyst, Azurite, Labradorite, Lapis Malachite Sodalite Spinel and Turquoise gemstones all possess special properties that fit the adventurous nature of Sagittarians perfectly. From protection and balance to creativity strength and calm energies these stones serve as powerful tools to support and accentuate traits associated with Sagittarius people.

Next time you are searching for jewelry or stones to carry with you, consider exploring gemstones that resonate specifically with your sun sign. By tapping into the energies of the stars to guide your search process, you may find an enhanced connection with yourself as well as sources of strength and empowerment - let your inner Sagittarius shine bright with their perfect gemstone by your side.

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