~🐐♑Capricorn Gemstones♑🐐~

~🐐♑Capricorn Gemstones♑🐐~

Capricorn gemstones

Gemstones for Capricorns~   December 22nd -January 19th

Are you tired of the usual birthstone recommendations? Let's break away from tradition and explore the mystical world of astrology and celestial energies.

Our sun signs and their respective zodiacs are not only mysterious but also incredibly inspiring. And if you're a Capricorn, we have just the right gemstones for you. These stones are not only influenced by the rich history surrounding Capricorns and the month of January, but they also resonate with Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, as well as the Earth element and the characteristics of this remarkable sign.

Capricorns, who are born between December 22nd and January 19th, are known to be practical, responsible, disciplined, and value self-control. Traditionally, the birthstones for this zodiac sign are Garnet for January-born and Blue Topaz for December-born. However, there are some other gemstones that resonate with Capricorn's ruling planet - Saturn, Earth element, characteristics and also the month of January. Let's delve deeper into their meanings and properties.

  Discover which gemstones best suit you or your fellow Capricorns and unlock the potential of these celestial treasures.

You can click on the stone names below to find what we have available. 

Azurite dark blue with occasional splashes of green malachite.

Azurite promotes emotional support, which can be beneficial for the typically reserved Capricorn. Further, it is known to ease stress and worry, provide a calming influence, aid in communication and boost intuitive capabilities.
Garnet Has many different colors red, purple, green, orange, black and brown.

Traditionally the birthstone for January.  This energizing stone is known for reviving the spirit, offering protection, promoting love and commitment.
 Green Tourmaline Colors ranges from almost clear, green and forest green.

The stone fosters compassion and patience, and can spark creativity – traits that can help ambitious Capricorns in their journey to the top.
Labradorite grey to black with flashing iridescent of blue, yellow and sometimes purple.

A great choice for Capricorns. The stone is believed to inspire imagination, expel fears and negativity. Provide calm and strength in challenging times.

Onyx Black sometimes in white, grey, brown and blue. 

Can provide relief and act as a supportive stone. This stone can instill a sense of balance in life, promote self-confidence,  and more – qualities that are much valued by Capricorns.
Malachite Shades of light and dark green.

Considered a powerful healing stone, particularly for emotional healing. The stone imparts strength to its wearer and provides protection, balance, and thorough spiritual cleansing.
Quartz Clear stone.  Can be found in a variety of variations, different types and sometimes tourmalinated.

A potent stone known for its supportive qualities. It aids in cleansing and balancing energies and helps to sharpen focus – traits that can help Capricorns achieve their high aspirations.

Turquoise Shades of turquoise, green and blue. Occasionally with veins of brown, black or white. 

Turquoise is known for its purifying properties, providing balance and strength, fostering creativity and calming the mind.

All these gemstones offer unique qualities that resonate with the essence of Capricorns and can be utilized to enhance their energy and well-being. Whether you are a Capricorn yourself or looking for a meaningful gift for someone born under this sign, exploring these gemstones can open up a world of possibilities. So why not think outside the usual birthstones and look to the stars for inspiration in choosing the perfect gemstone for you or your Capricorn loved one?

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