Aug 12th 2023

Fall 2023 Community Arts & Wellness Fair

9-1 pm

2028 E Prince Rd, Tucson, AZ 85719


Bringing a sense of togetherness through community arts and health wellness/awareness for all straight and LGBTQ+ individuals

Come out to show your support for all our local artists.

Eat some amazing food /purchase from many of Tucson’s finest vendors!

Learn about many new and exciting medical treatments and therapies from local practitioners and businesses.

Schedule an appointment @ to have your breast ultrasound done on this day.



HERscan Ultrasound Imaging         (imaging done on site by appt only)


Live blood analysis


Local artists


Local outreach programs and info will be available onsite.


Great food from vendors all across our amazing city.

Transformational Medicine

2028 E. Prince Rd       Tucson, Az 85719


9am- 1pm

Invited Attendees:


Dr. Emily Takeuchi-Miller NMD- (Family Medicine, Gut/Digestion Specialist, Biofeedback stress mgmt., Ozone certified. SOT certified)

Dr. Deeann Saber NMD- (Endocrinology Specialist, Environmental Medicine, Ozone certified, SOT certified)

Dr. Tim Frank NMD- (Trauma, Behavioral health.)

Jeanette Walkley – (Live blood analysis in real-time.)

Zach Saber- (Owner of Transformational Medicine, Myofascial specialist.)

Marie McKinnon Lac- (Craniosacral therapy, Acupuncture, Biofield tuning.)

Dr. Lisa Smith PhD- (EMRS.)

Aimy Campbell LMSW- (Trauma, counseling.)

Laura Pichereau LMP- (Massage therapy, Nutritional specialist, Stretch Therapy, Personal Training.)

Vonnie Albrecht RN – (Colon Hydrotherapy.)

Sylvia Stein- (Galleri cancer testing.)

Christopher Brening- (Simon Med Imaging.)

Pamela Lancaster- (Thai massage, Tibetan bowl therapy.)

S.A.A.F. (Southern Arizona Aids Foundation).

HERscan- (Breast Ultrasound Imaging.)

The Ninth House- (Metaphysical store.)

Brian Johnson- (Senergy 360.)

Brightway Insurance

Eileen Webster- (International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, Bio-Touch healing.)

Holly Baker- (Editor of Natural Awakenings)

And many more….



Deborah Shipione- Local Artist

Carolyn King- (Teaching Artist)

Cassandra Wisdom- Local Artist



Midtown Vegan Deli and Market

Mafia Kitchen

Souper Foods and More

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