Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you find your silver designs are not a shinny as they once were? This isn't too uncommon many factors can contribute to tarnishing your sterling silver.  

I once made a DIY beautiful display of my jewelry right in my restroom near the sink.  It was wonderful for getting ready in the morning and I could see all my favorites right there!   After months of this I soon began to see the how my silver was turning from bright, to dull and then just nasty.   The moisture in the restroom had tarnished all my sterling silver jewelry.   Cleaning my silver pieces was a must! 


How do I care for my sterling silver?

Keep your sterling silver away from moisture, don't swim with your jewelry.  Sterling silver can tarnish easily if it is not rhodium plated.  I recommend keeping products in closed container between uses.  The ‘silica do not eat packs’ can help keep moisture at bay in your jewelry box. 


​​Sterling designs should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent tarnishing.  Cleaning and polishing your sterling jewelry can be tricky.  Please be aware that some gemstones such as turquoise and opals are very delicate you don’t want to use anything harsh on them.   To clean your jewelry, soak the pieces in a mild soap and warm water.  Take a soft brush, like a toothbrush, brush clean and thoroughly dry with a soft cloth. 

You can always send in your jewelry in for cleaning, ask about pricing.

​  I used a product that was too harsh on this pair of earrings now the pearls are damaged.  Pieces containing pearls require special care.  I recommend that hand creams, hair sprays, and perfumes do not come in contact with your pearls.


This kit online is quite delicate and effective

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