Diffusing Essential Oils On the Go

Diffusing Essential Oils On the Go

​ Do you ever wish you could bring your essential oil diffuser with you? We live such hectic lives and put so much pressure on ourselves — what we need is a way to calm ourselves down, no matter where we are.


There’s a lot of options out there for diffusers, in fact it seems like everywhere you turn there’s another new place to put your diffuser. USBs, car ports — the other day I even saw one to attach to your shower head.


For me, there’s one diffuser that combines ease and quality in a way that keeps me coming back. Aromatherapy jewelry always allows you to bring the relaxing and soothing scents with you. There’s no remembering to bring a cord or a big honking diffusing machine — all you need is a bracelet and some drops to apply on it. 👍

My aromatherapy bracelets are not only gorgeous — they also come in multiple colors and the 2 mL bottles don’t let a lot of essential oil come out at once.  I can just apply one drop when my bracelet is on and I am set.  I usually wear one calming scent on the left arm and another pleasant scent on the right. 

How do I use the diffuser jewelry?
- Lava stones are wonderful little natural diffusers for on the go!   The lava rocks are naturally porous and absorb your essential oils.
- Add 1 drop of essential oil to your lava stone.  Allow the stone to dry/absorb a brief moment.  If you like you can evenly distribute it with a cotton swab.  

Dilute essential oils properly that come into contact with your skin. 

When the scent fades, just reapply.  

I like to keep my jewelry  in a glass jar when I am not wearing it.

Some base essential oil scents will stay on my jewels for a few days! 


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