How do I use Lava Diffuser Jewelry?

How do I use Lava Diffuser Jewelry?

Have you seen lava essential oil diffuser jewelry, but have yet to try it? 

​I want to tell you how excited I was when I realized you can scent your jewelry!   Your love of essential oils and gemstones can unite?   Yes, they sure can! 

Aromatherapy jewelry combines simplicity and quality in a way that will keep you coming back.  

Q. How do I use the diffuser jewelry?

A. Lava stones are wonderful little natural diffuser for on the go!   The lava rocks are naturally porous and absorb your essential oils.

Add 1 drops of essential oil to a lava stone.  Allow the stone to dry/absorb a moment.  If you like you can evenly distribute with a cotton swab.   When the scent fades, reapply.   

 You are going to want to put your oil on the side of the beads that will not directly be exposed to your skin.   The little 2ml bottles don’t let a lot of essential oil come out at once.  You can apply a small amount to just one bead. 

Q. How long will the scents last?

A. This will depend on how fast they evaporate. 

Citrus will evaporate within a few hours. Frankincense will last several days.  

You can keep your jewelry in a glass jar or plastic container when you are not wearing your jewelry.  If you prevent the oils from evaporating when not in use, the essential oil scent will stay on your stones for a few days.

A little caution and research is sensible when using your essential oils.  Essential oils are derived from medicinal plants, florals and are highly concentrated materials.  Various plants are endangered.  Some essential oils require pounds of plant substance just to produce a few drops.  I always advice to use your essential oils with respect, honor and pleasure.  😊 Aromatherapy jewelry always allows me to bring the relaxing and soothing scents wherever I go.   


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