It's the holiday season, which also means it's the giving season!

It's the holiday season, which also means it's the giving season!

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Theresa
It's the holiday season, which also means it's the giving season!
If you're looking to be a Santa and donate to an organization, here are a few places you could start!
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1. Banyan Tree Women’s Collective
“Regardless of socio-economic status, beliefs or circumstances, everyone should be allowed the opportunity to grow without being shamed or judged.” 
Fantastic free online meetings and classes that educate, promote health and wellness to the online community.  I recently finished up Reiki, Herb Support for Sleep, Conscious Breathwork, and so much more! 
I highly recommend you check out their Schedule -->  Here
Donate --> Here
2. Spark Project Collective

Focuses on helping children with disabilities and Tucson’s foster and homeless communities.

“Community-based non-profit, we plan on expanding our services by creating programs on our own or partnering with other non-profits that share our core values. To manage our programs and finances in the most beneficial way for helping our community.”

Super interesting hub of activities at Spark Project and Four of Wands -tattoos, piercings, events, gatherings, wellbeing classes and more.  For services you may already be seeking can now help and support the local community as well as several foundations around Tucson.

Schedule ->Here

Services -> Here

Donate ->Here

3. Center for Biological Diversity
 This is one of my favorite non-profits. The mission of the Center for Biological Diversity is to save all life on the planet, starting with the wonderful animals that live among us.
Headquartered in Tucson, they help protect endangered species and promote the ways that we can be better to nature.
Donate -->Here
Do you have another favorite nonprofit you support, I would love to hear about it!  
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