Laura Gibson Jewelry Repair

Laura Gibson Jewelry Repair

Do you have a treasured piece of Laura Gibson Jewelry and need it repaired?  Or lost a half earring?
​If the answer is yes...I would be happy to help!  As a former employee of Laura Gibson Designs I just maybe able to help you with your repair or lost item. 

​You can contact below or send an email.

I worked at Laura Gibson Designs from 2004-2016.  Laura was very inspiring and introduced me to the wonderful world of gemstones.  Laura was an amazing mentor.  I learned so much from her and the staff too.  I started off in production and soon moved through the company to everything from production assistant, inventory, design manager, sales and operations manager.   We then closed shop in 2016.  It was a wonderful experience and my first real job in a field I absolutely loved!  I do miss Laura and I am still reminded of her often.  

Repairing these items brings back memories from when they were first designed!  What better way to keep someone’s memory alive then to wear her pieces again and share their vision long after they have passed.  
Jewelry Repair
Contact me Here or send an email and photo to
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