More Mystical from Wisdom Body and Soul

More Mystical from Wisdom Body and Soul

“… something that is concerned with the soul or the spirit, rather than with material things.” – Bing Definitions

You already know that at Wisdom Body and Soul we add the mystical to our products for your self-care and self-comfort. Now we have news about a brand new mystical endeavor for Cassandra Wisdom, along with Katta Mapes, both co-founders of Together they have written and designed My Mystic Message Planner for 2024. 

My Mystic Message Daily Planner is a fantastic planner designed to provide guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking direction in their lives. Incorporating the mystical world of Affirmation, Tarot, Oracle, Angel, and other cards, this planner offers valuable insight to help navigate life's journey.

At the start of each month, users choose a card deck that resonates with them. Whether they have one deck or multiple, the choice is theirs. This selection sets the tone for the entire month ahead.

My Mystic Message Planner Book

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Each morning, users pull a card from their chosen deck and take a moment to reflect on its meaning and significance. Throughout the day, they keep the energy and message of the card in mind, remaining open to signs and synchronicities. The universe has a way of communicating with us when we are willing to listen.

In the evening, it's time to reflect on the card and how it applied to the day. This daily ritual of contemplation allows for a deeper connection with the mystic message. By considering any situations or experiences that mirrored the card's message, users can gain insights into themselves and their journey.

As the month progresses, users reflect on the collection of cards and the patterns or themes that have emerged. The insights and inspirations gained from these messages have the potential to shape lives in significant ways. This reflection offers a better understanding of oneself and their journey.

At the end of the year, it is time to summarize and reflect on all the mystic messages received throughout the year. This process allows for a comprehensive examination of the wisdom gained. It may lead to transformations or shifts in perspective, providing valuable insights for future planning.

My Mystic Message Daily Planner was created with love by Cassandra Wisdom and Katta Mapes at Awaken and Discover LLC. It is a powerful tool to empower and guide individuals on their spiritual journey. Whether a beginner or an experienced card reader, this planner is suitable for all levels of familiarity with cards.

It is important to note that My Mystic Message Daily Planner is meant for spiritual guidance and personal reflection. It is not intended to replace professional advice or therapy. Users should trust their own discernment and intuition when interpreting the messages from the cards.

My Mystic Message Daily Planner offers profound insights into our lives and provides a deep dive into chosen card decks. By embracing the wisdom of the cards, individuals can illuminate their paths and unlock their limitless potential. This planner is a valuable companion for those seeking guidance and inspiration in their daily lives.

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