Okay seriously, what is in your skincare products?

Okay seriously, what is in your skincare products?


Would you wash your mouth out with that soap?  Do you believe in feeding your skin?  Do you believe in soothing your skin?

Commercial skincare products can have a host of nasty ingredients.  Ingredients to prolong the shelf life, provide a lingering scent and just the right color.  Unfortunately, the ingredients used in many skincare products have had questionable results in medical studies.  I am not a trained medical professional but as a mother I want to know exactly what is in the products used in my home.  

Most "soaps" on the market today are synthetic detergents.   Look at the ingredients closely.  Market bars will clean, but they can also strip your skin.  These detergents and commercial soaps sometimes use synthetic lathering ingredients, petroleum, sulfates, parabens, animal fats, artificial scents, fragrance, artificial colors and lab made micas.

When shopping I use my favorite website to look into ingredient information and even the food on market shelves is Environment Working Group  https://www.ewg.org/.

The EU has banned so many ingredients but, in the USA, not so much.  

If your avoiding animal fats lookout for the word’s sodium tallowate and sodium lardate in your product labels.  There is no way to tell what kind of antibiotics or medicines these animals received while living their lives.  As well as how the fat was processed once the animals have passed.  I just stay clear!

I started making skincare products and soap because I really wanted to know exactly what I was using on my body.  "If I cannot eat it, I don’t want it in my skincare routine."   I started off making deodorant and transitioned to body scrub, soap and I am still exploring new products.   Of course, I am not going to eat these products but at least I know that what is going on my body.  It is amazing all the natural and edible ingredients you can incorporate into your skincare.  Skin is the largest organ in the body its quite protective, but your skin can and does absorb particles.   So, treat it right!

Find a soap that lets you answer all those ingredient questions with a resounding "YES"

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