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Relieve Some Tension and Pamper Yourself at Home

Okay yes booking a massage would be ideal, but not happening over here!   

This is how I relieve some tension and pamper myself right at home

  1. Dry body brush -is amazing to do every day either before shower or in the mornings

    People say it gets the blood flowing, stimulated lymph, gently exfoliates and some say it even helps with cellulite.  Be sure to always brush toward your heart.  Use a soft brush and don’t bush too hard.  I personally love the long arm one so I can get my back! 

    I start with my feet, legs front and back, arms, arm pits, back and tummy.Dry Body Brush  

  2. Gua Sha Massage - Ever try to give yourself a massage?  My hands don't do the trick. A Gua Sha Tool is amazing, no need to schedule that massage appointment.  Use different sides of the tool to accommodate where the issues are.                             
  3. Myofascial Release.  All you need is a small all, tennis ball or even a foam roller.  Recourses HERE     Myofascial Release
  4. Stretching                             Yoga and stretching
  5. Massage chair pad
  6. Electronic massage tools
  7. And of course, hands


​I bet there are other options out there, want to let me know how you relieve tension at home?  


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