Spearmint Essential Oil with Bracelets

What to do when you Don't like an Essential Oil on your Bracelet...

Have you ever received a new essential oil and were super excited about it?  Then once you get it open and take a whiff and whoa!   Not sure if you like it?  I recently received a new oregano essential oil. Nothing wrong with it :) just new to me.  I was super excited about my oregano oil, I generously applied to my bracelets.  This was a bad idea! I had a headache within minutes as the scent was too strong! 

In all reality all you need is a drop.  Dilution is key with some essential oils even with diffusing.  Essential oils are very potent and must be investigated before you go wild!   Handle essential oils with care. These are highly concentrated plant substances and have naturally occurring chemicals that can be dangerous.  Some oils are not safe for your pets, children and individuals with medical issues. 

If you ever use too much essential oil on your bracelet, leave it out in a well-ventilated area.  Maybe outside or in the garage out of smelling range.  I personally stuffed these bracelets in the cup holder of my car, put a bunch of tissues over them and left them there for a few days!  Haha, in any case let the essential oils evaporate out of site and scent .  

​If you can’t wait that long, you can wash your bracelet too.  Use a mild soap and warm water, dry with a towel and air dry.  

​Normally, I don’t go crazy with essential oils.  I would rather have the scent last several days.  Your top note essential oils such as orange, lemon and lime will evaporate quickly possibly within an hour or a few hours.  Base notes such as cedar wood and frankincense will last several days.   If you would like to prevent the essential oils on your lava jewelry from evaporating, you can use a glass jar, plastic bag or plastic container to store your diffuser jewelry when you're not wearing them.   The plastic container is great for on the go.  I throw it in my purse and put my jewelry on once I arrive.   I also have a few pairs of earrings and small bottles of essential oils in there too.  

⬆️This one is great for when your on the move! Just throw it in your purse and get ready on the way. 

⬆️ Great for dresser storage help keep your scent when you are not wearing jewelry. 

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