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Glow Stone, Green Moonstone, Green Tourmilated Green Quartz and Crystal Moon Catcher

Glow Stone, Green Moonstone, Green Tourmilated Green Quartz and Crystal Moon Catcher

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The Gemstone Moon Catcher is a powerful and unique piece featuring Glow Stone, Green Moonstone, Green Tourmalated Quartz, and Crystal.

This mystical combination of gemstones is designed to transform your energy and environment, creating a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

The Glow Stone in this catcher absorbs light during the day and glows softly in the dark, adding a touch of enchantment to any space.

Green Moonstone radiates a calming and nurturing energy, promoting emotional balance and fostering a sense of peace within.

Tourmalated Green Quartz further enhances this energy, offering protection and grounding while also promoting spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The Tetrahedron adds a geometric element to the catcher, amplifying the energy and intention of the gemstones.

Place in a sunny spot and hang to move freely.  Attach to fishing line or sturdy string for  continued spinning.  Indoors recommended.  

Together, these stones work in harmony to create a sanctuary of tranquility and positivity. Charge the Gemstone Moon Catcher with light in the evening to enhance its glow and infuse your space with a magical and soothing energy.

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